Muslin & Rattle - Elli

We have designed a special set, combining an all time favourite essential for mom and dad with a matching toy for baby. The Muslin Cloth is incredibly soft and versatile. Think swaddle, burp, play, snuggle, shade cloth, extra soft towel or even use as the safest noo-noo blanket you can find, the Muslin Cloth is a must-have item.

The cute elephant appliqué is matching the added rattle toy for baby. Designed for the smallest hands to hold onto and soft rattling sounds plus everything is washable and 100% cotton.


  • 100% pre-washed cotton muslin
  • wash at 40°C
  • 80x80 cm @ only 100gr = ideal companion for parents & babies
  • protection from insects & sunlight
  • soft cuddling blanket or as a lie-down blanket for tummy time
  • super absorbing powers for every imaginable oooopsy makes it the ideal blanket to be placed under your baby in the pram, car seat, at home for sleeping, nursing, burping and changing


  • 100% pre-washed cotton muslin
  • wash at 30°C (rattle disc is watertight)
  • anti-allergenic due ti micro-fibre filling
  • designed for even the smallest hands to hold onto
  • gentle rattling sound
  • no small parts