This is Our Story

Mamita & Me was founded, in Cape Town, in April 2016, however it could be argued that the idea and inspiration was born many years before.

Founder and Designer Catrin Bajorat has always had a very creative nature and passion for handmade design. After a little detour in the corporate world and graduating with an MBA, she decided to start her own business.

Why Mamita & Me? Catrin owes the majority of her creativity to her mum, who she started calling “Mamita” back in school when she studied Spanish. The name is an homage to her mum, who kept inspiring and encouraging her to live up to her creative potential.

Mamita & Me thrives to be different in the way that we want to create happiness and positive vibes for everyone involved from suppliers of the raw material, to our design and production staff and eventually to the babies, kids and parents who bring the products to life. Every hand that touches our products should add value in forms of positivity and love, the chore of our business.