Face Mask Toddler 3-6


We have designed our 100% cotton Face Masks to fit snug and allow for easy breathing. We adhere to the RSA Recommended Guidelines for Fabric Masks.

The aim is to assist in the global effort to help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic, however it is very important to note that our Face Masks are non-medical grade masks! Fabric Face Masks will neither prevent you from contracting COVID-19, nor are they are a replacement for normal precautionary hygienic measures such as hand-washing and keeping a proper social distance of 1,5m from other people. Our Face Masks might however prevent you from spreading the virus.

DESIGN: Our Face Masks are made using two layers of 100% cotton fabric and have a pocket on one side, allowing you to add a filter of your choice. This could be just another layer of fabric, a tissue or a medical grade filter.

CHILDREN: Children wearing a Face Mask should be supervised at all times. Note, face masks are NOT recommended for children under the age of 2.

USE: Our masks are reusable and machine washable. We recommend at least 2-3 masks per person, allowing you to wash them after each use. Please check guidelines for proper use.

SIZES: Toddler = 12cm x 18cm

No refunds or returns, due to strict hygiene regulations.

All Face Masks are handmade in our small studio in Cape Town which is currently closed to the public in order to adhere to the hygiene and cleaning standards of Level 4.

  • 100% pre-washed cotton
  • adjustable elastic is not sewn in, allowing you to replace it when needed
  • wash at 40°C (machine or hand)
  • iron on high heat, to sterilize properly, but avoid ironing the elastic
  • recommended from 3 years of age